Agapi Christina MS, RDN, CSG, LD

Agapi Christina is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist (RD/RDN, LD) in Youngstown, Ohio. In addition to being licensed as a RDN, Agapi is a Board Certified Specialist in Gerontological Nutrition.

Agapi Christina received her Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics from The University of Akron and her Master of Science degree in dietetics along with her dietetic internship at Kent State University and is credentialed through the Commission on Dietetic Registration and licensed through the Ohio Board of Dietetics.

Agapi has over 5 years of experience in clinical nutrition working with adults and educating students in Youngstown, Ohio . In addition to her clinical experience, Agapi Christina has a passion for wellness and has used her degrees and experiences to educate and motivate people struggling with everyday temptations.

Why did I become a Registered Dietitian?

From the time I was about eight years old I was an overweight child. Through my teenage years, I struggled with my weight. I would try crash diets and my weight would yo yo up and down. As a freshman in high school and at the age of 15 my life took a dramatic turn. One day during lunchtime at school, I walked up to the snack line to get a bottle of water and a group of junior and senior boys sat at a table nearby.

As I was passing, I heard one call me over and ask me for some change to get something to eat. I gave them some change and I walked back to my seat to finish my lunch. After lunch I made my way to my next class. As I sat in the room waiting for the bell to ring, a classmate who sat next to me asked me “Why did you give those guys money? They called you over as “Hey fat girl!” That was the day it clicked for me.

From then on, I changed my lifestyle. I began with changing my diet. No more potato chips, French fries, pizza and sweets. That summer, my family and I traveled to Greece for a couple of months. By the end of our vacation, none of the clothes I had brought with me fit and I had returned to the USA with a new wardrobe. I started my sophomore year at 142 lbs and a totally new attitude. At this time, I decided to start working out and hired a personal trainer.

Summer 2000, Age 15, 185 lbs
Summer 2000, Age 15, 185 lbs
Fast Forward
Niagra Falls Half Marathon, October 23, 2011

Fast-forward 15 years- I am now 5’5” and a healthy 125 lbs. I eat as naturally as I can with minimal process foods and exercise five days out of the week including cardio and weight training.

To date I have ran 5 half marathons and 2 full marathons with my best marathon time of 4 hrs and 29 minutes and best half marathon time of 1 hr 57 minutes. In addition to running, I enjoy many physical activities including hiking and biking as well as lifting as mentioned earlier. I learned earlier on in my wellness journey, that I was not blessed with the type of genetics and metabolism that I would not have to worry about my weight but that my weight would be a struggle for the rest of my life.

The beautiful thing about this is that if I never would have gone through this, I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am right now and I wouldn’t be helping others reach their ideal lifestyle as well. Because I was overweight as a child, I became educated and am a healthy adult. Had this not been the case, I may have never taken that wellness journey and would not be where I am today.

I believe

I believe that everyone has a different wellness struggle and there is no one fits all answer. With so much information circling the web, its often hard to disseminate good information from bad.

I hope to be here to help you weed through all that information. Eating a balance diet of minimally processed foods and exercising is the key to losing the excess weight and become fit and healthy and I will do my best to help you reach your health, fitness and wellness goals! I hope through this web-site, blog, my education and experience, I can help you along your wellness journey.

Agapi Christina