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Meal Plans

Sometimes figuring out what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be a daunting task not to mention those mid day cravings that can make you abandon your entire days work of staying on track with your diet.  I have taken all the work out of the stress of planning your meals! My meal plans will give you 5 recipes each for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even a few desserts for you to choose from.

The best part is you can mix and match them how you please! For example, for lunch you can choose chicken, salmon, turkey, tuna or beef! Feel like dessert?  Do you like brownies? ice cream? how about pumpkin pie? How about a glass of wine? This is NOT  a diet- its a lifestyle of healthy eating.  No food groups are eliminated and all recipes are already portioned out for you! All the hard work has been done!  Don’t like the idea of sticking to a set of recipes?  If you don’t want to use a recipe that day a meal pattern with suggested foods are also provided.

Meal Plans – $75

Weight Loss Party

Grab some friends and host a weight loss competition!  This is how it works.  Party’s work best with at least 5 people. I will come to you and provide a recipe demonstration, weigh in, individualized nutrition assessments and meal plans for each person in attendance as well as nutrition overview and a chance to “Ask the Dietitian” any questions that you have.

This is reduced price from the Individual Nutrition Assessment!  After a month, I will come back and reweigh everyone again.  The person who lost the most percentage of body weight will be refunded in FULL for their assessment and meal plan! Host benefits include a reduced payment and 1 month of support through phone or e-mail.

Weight Loss Party – $175 per person

Individual Nutrition Assessment and Consultation

Want a meal plan a little bit more tailored to your daily lifestyle, goals and food preferences?  With this package you will receive a full nutrition assessment and meal plan just for you based on your specific personal history, lifestyle, goals and food preferences!  Sit down with me and get one on one individual time to ask any questions.

Figuring out what you should eat with all the nutrition information out there can be very confusing and overwhelming!  With this package, I will teach you how to eat so that your body can function the best that it can.  The information I will provide you with is no fad diet!  By getting your information from a Registered Dietitian you can rest assured the information you are getting is backed by science and is evidence-based nutrition.

Individual Nutrition Assessment and Consultation – $250

Follow-Up Appointment

Healthy eating woman loosing weight - isolated over a white background

Have you started your lifestyle changes and need some support and guidance? I can meet with you on a scheduled or as needed basis to weigh you, help you make needed adjustments, and keep you on track!

Follow Up Appointments – $40

With guidance and coaching from a dietitian, you will learn how to make simple and realistic changes to your diet and eating patterns for life.

Grocery Store Tour

Overwhelmed by all the options at the grocery store? Confused on how to read a Nutrition Facts Label?  Learn what are the healthiest options to fill your grocery store cart with by a Registered Dietitian!

Let me help you take the stress out of grocery shopping by going with you aisle by aisle and help you make better food choices, teach you how to read labels, answer your food and nutrition questions and begin your change to a healthy lifestyle.

Grocery Store Tour – from $75 (location dependent)


Having a Registered Dietitian speak at your next meeting or workshop can be a great way to mix things up!  Presentation can be tailored to specific groups and can include  many different topics ranging from general healthy eating or eating during the holidays to more specific topics like reducing cardiovascular disease risk or a diabetic friendly diet.

Presentations – from $100/hr (location dependent)

Consultant Dietitian for Long Term Care Facility

With over 5 years working as a long term care dietitian I can offer clinical nutrition services in your facility including but not limited to Comprehensive Nutrition Assessments and MDS completion for patients ranging from general nutrition to tube feedings and pressure ulcer support.

Contact for pricing.

Want to make an appointment for any of the above? Please contact me to schedule an appointment! After receiving your request I will contact you to schedule an appointment.